Video – The Future of Learning

Why Video May Be the Future of Learning

As videos become more prevalent in our society through online technology, the number of applications for them in the classroom continues to increase. While today traditional books are still used more widely than videos, this may change over the next five years. Here are just a few of the advantages of using videos in the classroom.

Videos Engage Students:
It is not a surprise to many teachers that quality video content will almost always engage students. Whether or not teachers intend to use videos as primary components of their classrooms, it is important to keep them in mind as an option. One of the best methods for ensuring student engagement is to mix up your materials. Even the most popular teaching materials will grow stale after a while if there is no variety. Strategically placing new video content throughout your lessons each week will keep students engaged.

Videos Provide a Visual Means for Demonstrating New Content:
Virtually every visual learner out there has had an experience where visual content made a seemingly impossible task become possible. For example, a series of pictures of a new cooking technique or a visual diagram for an assembly process can make all the difference when you are completing a project. Videos take this visual component to the next level by going beyond a still life photo and instead providing animation or a real time experience.

Videos Can Play a Role in Solidifying Previously Learned Content:
Sometimes a video can be a great introduction to a new concept. However, othertimes a new concept may be overwhelming and a long, detailed video in the firstlesson can just add further confusion. In these situations, consider other teaching techniques for initial lessons, such as step by step modeling with the class or a combination of reading materials and demonstrations. Then presentthe video content after students have demonstrated understanding.

Videos Provide a New Learning Opportunities for Students:
As the online video technology is continually more accessible each year, it isthat much easier for students to embrace it themselves in the classroom. Thereis no question that the videos that teachers make themselves or simply researchand present can be invaluable to the learning process. However, the opportunity for students to create their own videos opens up a whole new world of options in their academic careers.

Videos Play a Vital Role in The Future of Distance Learning:
The opportunities for distance learning continue to increase every year for both grade schools and higher learning institutions. Videos are a huge component of intelligent adaptive learning. If you cannot have an in person teacher, the next best thing is to have an interactive learning experience through video.