Relationship with Reading

What’s Your Relationship with Reading?
Too often, reading is treated as a irritating necessity rather than the joy it can be. The history of the written word goes back thousands of years, and writing, in all of its forms, serves to convey both knowledge and entertainment. There are many people who take reading as a matter of course though, and because of that, their relationship with it is less than it could be.

Is reading a delight to you? How do you feel about it, and why? Some people dislike reading because it is difficult for them, and some people simply dislike it because they prefer to get their information in a different way. However, the key to keep in mind is that reading is a way for you to engage your mind and to allow it to introduce you to new ideas.

Read for Pleasure
Part of the problem with reading is that people associate it with work. The truth, is that the vast majority of books are printed for the sake of pleasure and entertainment alone. Some people talk about reading as a guilty pleasure, but there should be nothing guilty about it. For example, some find that their favorite thing to read is a graphic novel or a comic book. The point is that you are still taking in a story and engaging with it.

Join Reading Programs
Reading can be a little rough for people who are extroverts. They might love the stories and the information, but they do not want to process it in a vacuum. If you are someone who does their best with information that can be bounced around to other people, considering finding a book club. Reading programs also allow you to expand your reading into areas that you might not have covered before, and if you are a little bored with reading the same old thing, you will find that they can help

Read With Purpose
Most of us just pick up books that sound interesting to us, but when you want to engage with the book that you are reading, go in with purpose. Why did you pick up the book, and what do you hope to get from it? As you read the book, ask yourself questions about what the author is trying to get across and how the characters are behaving. Do you like the characterization? How accurate is the book itself?

Taking a few moments to learn more about the various ways in which you can engage with the books you are considering can broaden your relationship with reading itself.