How to Get Your Literature Published

There are different ways to get literature published, depending on what you have written. It may be poetry, a novel, a children’s book, or a short story. Getting published also depends on what you expect to get from providing your literature to a publisher or magazine. Most experts say that it is not reasonable to expect to make a lot of money from a book or short story if you have not previously had something published. They seem to agree that the very fact of having your writing published is a reward in itself. It is extremely rare to make money from your written work if you are a first-time writer.

Many editors recommend that the new writer should get their literature published the easiest way, which is by writing a short story. The newbie writer needs to forget making money and get their cash out instead. It cost money to submit short stories to magazines most of the time. You can plan on spending at least $20 in preparation costs each time you submit it. For this reason, you need to choose wisely when deciding where to send your story.

There are thousands of magazines in circulation, and you may not have heard of most of them. Many are very small local magazines that may be printed and distributed in a certain geographical area. They could be ones intended for certain interest groups, ethnic groups, or those with babies. The bottom line is that once your short story is printed inside of any recognized magazine, it is published. This can take you to the next step because being “a published writer” tells the world that you know how to write, and that you have a vital message that everyone must hear.

The simple steps for getting this accomplished are to have a few others read your short story and give you their honest opinion. Also, have someone proofread it several times after you have done the same thing. When it is as perfect as possible, it is ready to be sent. Since there are so many magazines, it is necessary to narrow down to those who may possibly accept your story since you will need to pay for printing, an envelope, and postage to send it. If you have a certain audience that you are trying to reach, such as working mothers who have just given birth, narrow your search to magazines for new parents.

Short stories and novels can also be published in other ways. It is possible to enter contests with the goal of having your work published. Also, there are publishers who advertise for literature from new writers. Many of them will send you a free author’s guide and information of how to get your work published. Of course, most of them will require money to publish your story that is often in the thousands of dollars.

Another great source for new writers is the indie book publishing business that focuses on new writers who have never had anything published. Indie book publishers also require an investment from writers to get their work in print, but they normally charge far less than big publishers who usually reject the work of new authors anyway. Indie publishers use technology that allows them to print one or two books at a time, so there is not a huge investment required. Also, they have connections with others in the industry that may see your book because of the indie publisher’s distribution and advertising.

Getting literature published requires devotion, passion, and a strong belief that others will want to read your writing. It also requires the determination to continue to try to reach your goal, despite rejections that you may receive.